Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roads of Undetermined Destinations

Roads: Yesterday, I headed North to meet my friend to go see Pirates of the Caribbean. On my way, I took the usual route to get on the freeway, only the city had changed the road. All of a sudden I am heading in the wrong direction and ended up going in a U shape to get to the freeway entrance.  It's bad enough that the signs fall down in my little town.  The stop sign at the end of my street has fallen down at least 4 times in the last 6 years.  And hey, look out, I've seen signs next to the freeway bent beyond recognition from a semi-truck smacking it - they just don't know how to put signs in properly so that they don't fall down or get smacked. Now, of course, they are messing with the roads. I am not sure why they totally rerouted this road and put in new semaphors.  Maybe, it is because they were going to have a new mall built which never happened when the economy dropped out from under the backers.

A few years back, the very same road had been changed next to the intersection but I did not know it.  I had made my way to the freeway in a blizzard.  It was stop and go for 20 minutes in all three lanes on the freeway, which normally took five minutes to reach the next exit.  I decided that I was not going to spend hours on the freeway because of weather or accidents so I took this exit and drove back toward my house on the frontage road which runs directly parallel with the freeway.  All of a sudden this very straight as a needle road veered to the right.  A few feet from that point, I stopped at a stop sign and tried to see where I was but the blizzard was so bad that I couldn't see any familiar places.  I felt lost and kept thinking, "how in the world can I get lost in my own town?" I drove through an unfamiliar intersection and finally came to a road that I did know.  I was so traumatized that I took the entire day off work and just stayed home.

When we first moved to this small community, there were no stop lights in the entire town, only one grocery store and no Mc Donalds.  They did, however, have a Wendy's and an Arctic Circle. And, I always knew that when I first moved here that there were more horses here than people.

R is for Rusty - my first and last dog.  He was a cocker spaniel and I played and played with him.  He was my dog when I was 10 but he had to stay at my grandparents place in the country.  We couldn't have dogs where we lived in Idaho; we were just renters - no dogs allowed.

He looked a lot like this dog except he was redder.  Red has always been one of my favorite colors.

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Cheerful Thrifty Door said...

I do believe that I have a photograph of you with a dog just like that. I wonder why I would have it. Did Rusty ever come to Aunt Stella's house with you? I think cocker spaniel dogs are cute.

Ruth Kelly said...

No Rusty never left Elba. Can you imagine bringing a dog on a train or plane back in the 50s? They are cute dogs and he was the only dog I ever had.

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