Thursday, September 18, 2014

Klobuck Fences

Klobuck is the hometown of my grandfather's family. My ancestors have lived here for more than 350 years and I have many cousins still residing here. I expected Klobuck to be small like Sztabin but it is much larger and not far from Czestochowa (about a 15 minute drive).  The population is about 13,000.  

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The pathway around St. Marcina Church in Klobuck.
The monastery next to the church.

Klobuck's school across the street.

Klobuck was granted town rights in 1339 but long before the town was established, this area was part of a major trade and it is possible that the ancient Roman trade route called “amber track” ran right through the settlement. The amber track was used to join the Mediterranean coast with the Baltic Sea.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Inside Jasna Gora

 Jasna Gora in Czestochowa, Poland

  Altar and chairs set in place for mass.
 Angels on the ceiling.
 Ceiling of saints.
 Golden interior and places of worship.
Beautiful interior 
 Large gated area close to the Black Madonna
Another altar and holy statues.

This is the priceless Black Madonna.

A mass is celebrated every hour in this area where the Black Madonna hangs. The area has benches surrounded by a gated and fenced area.  On both sides of the four foot fence was a walkway in a U shape that goes behind the entire altar and back out on the other side.  I got in line to get closer to be able to take a photo or two of the Madonna and got myself into a predicament that I could not get out of.  What I didn’t realize was that as soon as we entered the side of the fenced area, everyone knelt on the cement floor and began to knee-walk forward.

I cannot knee walk and I was stuck because I could not turn around and leave the line so I crept as low as I could all the way around the U.  

The Black Madonna was taken from Jerusalem in 326 to Constantinople by St. Helena who gave it to her son, Constantine. The painting resided here in a church for six centuries. It was brought to Czestochowa by Prince Ladislaus of Opole in 1384.  From a manuscript entitled "Translatio Tabulae", dated 1474 in the Jasna Góra archives, a description of the painting’s history is given as follows:  "The Madonna was created by St. Luke the Evangelist on a table top from the house of the Holy Family. St. Luke was said to have painted two images of Mary, one of which found its way to Bologna, Italy."

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jasna Gora Gates and Grounds

One of several fountains on Jasna Gora grounds.

Jasna Gora Monastery
Lubomirski - first gate into Jasna Gora. This gate is dedicated to the Princes of Lubomirski; this royal family gave many valuable objects to the Pauline Monks of Jasna Gora. 

 Gate 2 - Virgin Mary Queen of Poland

 Gate 3 - Shrine of our Lady Queen
Gate 4 - Matka Boża Bolesna (Our Lady of Sorrows)  and the clock tower behind this gate.
 Tower with a gold crown and flags.

Totus Tuus Gate - Pope John Paul II's apostolic motto in latin meaning "totally yours". 

In 1655 the Swedish Lutheran Army invaded Poland winning victory over victory of the cities in Poland, that is until they came to Jasna Gora. The Pauline monks refused to surrender even though they were greatly outnumbered.  The battle began and to no avail the Swedish Army could not defeat the monks. This cannon is dedicated to the winning victory that the Monks had over the army. The monks would climb the tower and shower the Swedes with pious hymns. Just before General Muller was to launch a last attack on Christmas Day, he was eating breakfast and cursing Jasna Gora, when he suffered a fatal accident by a stray bullet. 

Angels protect those who dedicate their lives to God.

Park in Czestochowa

 This car was actually parked in front of my hotel in Krakow and I had to take a photo just like that couple who were taking a photo.

 Fountain in the center of the grand esplanade to Jasna Gora in Czestochowa, Poland.

 Park in Czestochowa.
Lady in the Park

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reflections of Czestochowa

Hotel Mercur  Czestochowa Centrum - I would rate this three star hotel closer to a four or five star.  It is a great place to stay and it is so close to Jasna Gora (monastery). I walked up the slight incline which, to people in the flatlands of Poland, is a mountain to Jasna Gora early in the morning before all the tourist busses rambled in and was able to do a self guided tour without crowds. 

Jasna Gora possesses a painting of the Black Madonna which was painted by St. Luke on the cedar table of the holy family in Jerusalem. It was brought to Czestochowa in 1384 by Constantinople. People of Poland have been making pilgrimages to this monastery every since. 

 Look to the left wing for reflections of the phone.

Klobuck Cemetery - I never thought I'd get a selfie on a tombstone.

Building reflections of Jasna Gora on phone booths. That young man wanted to be in my phone so he showed off his leg.

More tombstone reflections of flowers and candles at Klobuck Cemetery.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Shrine of Our Lady Studzieniczanskiej

My guide took me east of Augustow towards the Belarus border – it is only 28 miles to the border. In 1689 paintings of the Virgin Mary were brought to the Studzieniczan. The area is famous for its miracles by drinking from a well on the island.    The village is called Studzieniczna after the healing well. This chapel was built in 1847.

Elk Chapel by the Lake at St Studzieniczna.

 Interior of Elk Chapel
 Elk chandelier
 This was built as an outdoor chapel and a  mass was held when Pope John Paul II came in June of 1999. There are actually three very small chapels here.

 A view of the lake.

As you walk east, there third chapel on an island. This one is very small inside which replaced a wooden chapel from 1857.

 Inside the 3rd chapel.
 Hundreds of rosaries are hung which have been left there.

 A statue dedicated to the pope on the island not far from the well that promises miracles of healing if you have faith enough.
Still on the island.

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