Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Won't Anyone Tell Me About Adam

Ellis Island 1907

CP and his brother Adam came to America together. I searched Ellis Island records until I was blue in the face but I could not find CP or Adam, but I did find Adam's wife and children. (When searching this site, you need to try every spelling of the surname that could possibly ever exist to find anything.)

Searches are free:

Adam's family: After arriving at Ellis Island, Franciszka and her four small children (Bogunid 4 years 8 months, Waclaw 3 years, Anna 2 years, Elina 10 months) were hospitalized. Everyone was discharged from the hospital on November 18 except for Elina, who died on November 27, 1907, in the hospital.

Adam and his wife had five more children in Chicago including a set of twins. Daughter Alicia died at 6 months (1908) and one of the twins died at birth (1909).  Irene was born in 1910 and Eugene in April of 1914.

Adam died in Chicago in 1914 leaving behind a wife and five living children. No one would talk about him; no one would tell me how he died. He was still a young man and had a large family.  What happened to Adam?

I sent for his death record thinking that my great grandparents would be listed on it.  Still another shock and out of the closet popped those black skeletons. The ones no one would talk about.  Adam had died of a suicide.

I could read my great grandfather's name but Joanna Skwar....... was all I could read of my great grandmother.  Another road block!

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