Friday, June 3, 2011


Quaint;  I like to use this adjective to describe many of my earrings. Unlike the enormous hoops and large unwieldy styles of today, the quaint earrings are from the past - a vintage of days gone by.
Quaint tiny flower earrings

Quilt:  Becky talked me into participating in a quilt block of the month which only cost $5 when you finished sewing the block each month and was present for each class. It was true that it only cost $5 for the whole 12 months. The problem was that every month I had to buy new equipment and patterns to help teach me various methods of cutting and sewing each block. The whole mind-boggoling experience cost over $100 by the end of the class.  Becky on the other hand had most of the equipment for this class and it did not cost her nearly what it did for me.  Not only was it expensive and needless to say, I did learn a lot, but I can say also that it did not take with me.  Quilting will never take the place of my love for genealogy or writing.

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Josh Hoyt said...

Quilting is definitely one of those things that can cost a lot in the startup. The earrings look very nice. I like the blue color.

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