Friday, February 19, 2016

Provo City Center Temple Tour

The original building was the Provo Tabernacle built by the pioneers in 1898 and had been used for concerts and meetings up until 2010 when it caught fire and burned.  They were able to save the outer walls but everything within was gutted except one painting of Jesus. The building could seat up to 3,000 people.  In 1917 the cupola was removed because of a sagging roof and the tabernacle looked like this:

I remember attending a Christmas program held there with songs sang in German when my daughter was attending Brigham Young University and minoring in German.

On December 17, 2010 at 2:43 AM a four alarm fire was reported.  By 6 AM the roof had collapsed.

The new LDS Temple started tours in January and are continuing through March of 2016.

The fountain was running at the end of January when my neighbor and my cousin went on the tour.

Reflection views.

Inside this small building is a statue of Christ, our Savior.

The new LDS Provo City Center Temple.  It has stained glass windows, gardens and a lovely area outside of the Temple.

For a virtual tour of the inside and symbols within, check out this website:

It even shows how they incorporated lamps that originally would have been oil lamps to electric to keep the pioneer era alive.

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