Thursday, November 1, 2018

California Trip October 2018

Not long after we left Reno, Nevada crossing the border going toward Susanville, California, we came across this terrible tractor trailer car accident.  The cab of the truck was completely flipped around and all the windows were broken.  The driver walked away unhurt but one lady in the car that was involved was life flighted to the nearest hospital.

 Reflection shot.

See how dry it is here in California, just waiting for a lightening strike or a careless spark to ignite and burn a beautiful forest.

 In Redding, California, we visited the Sun Dial Bridge at Turtle Bay which crosses the Sacramento River.  It is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge. Fishermen are often seen passing beneath the bridge as they fish for salmon, steelhead and rainbow trout. 

The bridge was created in 2004. The tip of the shadow moves approximately one foot per minute.  The dial of the sundial and a small plaza beneath the support tower are decorated with broken white tile from Spain. The bridge's deck is surfaced with translucent structural glass from Quebec, which is illuminated from beneath and glows aquamarine at night.

No one else walking on the glass and steel bridge seemed to be concerned that we were in fact walking on glass.  I was very hesitant and walked more on the steel parts. Just a nervous Nelly!

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