Friday, June 17, 2011

Quest to Find My Polish Grandfather

When I was 10 years old, I asked "where is my grandpa?" I was told that my grandpa was an avid gambler and that the Chicago mob was after him. He disappeared - never to be heard from again. In my imaginative mind, he had been caught by the mob and they had thrown him into the deepest part of Lake Michigan with a chain and a cement weight.  I could see him flaying around and sinking to the bottom of the lake and drowning never to be found. Part of this story is true but the real story began when I became an adult and did some serious down to earth research.

My Grandfather Peter (Piotr in Polish)

Lake Michigan

Did you know that Michigan is believed to be an Indian name coming from mishigami meaning great water?  Great water it is; it was an all day trip to cross the lake and back again.  My dad took me on a ferry boat ride from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Muskegan, Michigan when I was 16.  I loved it, there was a Polka band and I danced my heart away with a shipboard romance.

I think that some of my latest creation are ready for romance.  

Many many years ago I saw some earrings like these in Las Vegas so I was inspired to create these earrings using opalite stones with silver. They dangle to 2 and 1/2 inches - just in style for today's long earrings but dainty enough to be chic. They can be seen on my new shop at

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