Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spooky Eyes

Did you ever have a cat that was a biter?  I rescued a cat from the Humane Society and gave her a home.  Sassy was rather a brat and bit my other cat, my comforter and tended to try to bite me.  I gave her the best trial, she was with me 8 months. She did settle down some but once a cat decides that biting is her only out, she never stops.  Someone must have teased her beyond teasing.  I finally gave her away to someone else.  Perhaps, she needed more loving attention because I think she was also jealous of my other cat.

Babe is the the cat on the top and Sassy is on the bottom in the photo.  Babe was rescued from my window well when he was a kitten.  He was born a wood pile across the street.  That wood pile is now gone and houses and new streets replaced the area. He has always been very very shy and would hide whenever anyone else came into my house.

Doesn't everyone just love blue.  I made these earrings yesterday.

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