Friday, September 23, 2011

Inspiration from the Book of Kells

My inspiration to make spiral earrings is Irish born. I do have a 4th great grandfather Thomas Meguire who came from Ireland in 1757 and settled in Philadelphia.

The ancient Celtic spirals were carved on rocks and jewelry.  The whole concept blows my mind.  If you have ever seen the Book of Kells, it is totally awe inspiring. It is an early book of the New Testament.  Those dedicated monks gave their lives to making grandiose drawings and unusual lettering making sure that the life of Christ and his Apostles were not lost. They were not afraid to use color and used nature as the ultimate example to blend magnificent colors in their art work.

Two men who are pulling one another's beards and at the same time making a letter. Very clever in adding a bit of humor - they were true artisans.

I would love to have just one tenth of the talent that they had in designing and making of the Book of Kells.

These tiny adorable earrings can be found in my Zibbet Shop: Dian's Jewelry

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