Sunday, October 13, 2013

Salt Lake City

LDS Church History Museum across from Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.

Connecting to Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Toddle on over, they have some great shadow shots.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Long Beach

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Sunset over the Pacific

Christmas Tree in front of fence.

1. It's funny how my mind travels backward and my memories
float all around me thinking of the Mexican Riviera cruise from last November.  Thinking about the people I met and thought we would keep in touch but we didn't.

2. Chef Eddy made a quick and easy Beef Bourguignon using thinly slice roast beef simmered in a sauce. A Balsamic vinegar was boiled down until all that was left was a sweet wine which was then added to the sauce; each item was cooked separately - carrots, potatoes, caramelized onion and then combined when served with the beef - scrumptious!

3. Dance on the Water Cruise in 2014 is going to Slovenia, Croatia and the Adriatic Coast - oh, how I'd love to join them! I cruised with them one July going up the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Quebec, to Prince Edward Island, to
Nova Scotia and down the Atlantic coast to Maine and New York.

4. Turned off the outside water, brought in the patio set, changed the furnace filter - guess I am ready for winter.  It snowed again today and is predicted to bluster tonight.

5. Been watching a fascinating series of a British program called Murdock Mysteries.  It is filmed in Canada with the era being the 1890s showing the development of electricity switching from DC to AC, with the common mode of transportation being a bicycle or a buggy.

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