Monday, October 24, 2011

Spiders in the Cat Litter

It must be that spiders can't smell. Why on this goodly earth would a spider make a home in wet stinky cat litter that is used by my cats every day?  It is just beyond me.  I have to set a reminder on my iphone to change the litter weekly because I keep it in my unfinished basement so that I can't smell it. 

Today I went downstairs and as I was emptying the litter, there was another spider in it.  This is the 3rd time that I have noticed a spider climbing out from under the litter.  Well, all of them have ended up in my garbage can outside.


puelche said...

hi, here also, i just had two fast-running spiders crawl out of the cat's litter. the litter is the no-clog no-smell top quality type, and i empty it twice a day. yet... spiders. yuck...

Lori Rega said...

I am freaked out bc I just found 2 identical looking spiders in my cats litter box also...never have seen one that look like this and I honestly thought it was the same spider but I had one in a trash bag which I could see while the other was running through the litter...I have terrible arachnophobia but I won't kill them...just scoop them into the trash...they definitely came from under the litter which is so bizarre..I saw each one run out...I am in Massachusetts and don't consider my house to have many spiders...this is why it freaked me out! I try and scoop everyday, may miss one day but that's it... Any thoughts?

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