Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wind Creates Havoc

Wind created havoc across the United States last night.  There were tornado warnings and 100 mile an hour winds in Wisconsin.  I am very fortunate that I live in an area where tornados don't touch down.  One did touch down once in Salt Lake City about 10 years ago taking out four 100 year old trees, a crane, windows in a high rise hotel, an enormous tent for a convention and damaged a roof on a house as it left the valley. No one was hurt.  Fifteen years one touched down in the middle of the Salt Lake causing a water spout but it left within 3 minutes.

We get wind storms sometimes up to 70 miles an hour that takes out trees, blow semi-trucks over but usually it is pretty calm here.  Last night, however, we also had wind that took out another portion of my neighbors gigantic willow tree. Last winter I had one third of the tree taking up 75 percent of my backyard and so again I now have another third of the tree covering my backyard.

Hello tree. I am glad I have nothing for it to fall on except grass.
Five years ago one of my quaking aspen trees blew down blocking the whole street.  I did not realize that these trees grew so tall.

I have a buyer for these earrings too before I put them on my Etsy shop:
They are a twisted coral.


Cheerful Thrifty Door said...

Wow, who has to clean this 1/3 of the tree up? I'm glad it didn't damage your house and all the precious contents (family). Cute earrings, congrats on the sale.

Ruth Kelly said...

Thanks. It is my neighbors tree and he has already begun to cut it down and clear it off my grass. He is very nice. I have a lot of nice helpful neighbors.

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