Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a Great Pumpkin Day

Just after we moved into our new home 17 years ago, I bought two of the largest pumpkins we had ever had. It was exciting for both of my kids and myself.  We put them outside on the front stoop waiting for the day we were going to carve them into jack-o-lanterns.

Arriving home a few days later, I came home to smashed bits of pumpkin all over the street in front of my driveway and that was the end of our giant pumpkins. Two overweight bullies who lived a four houses west of us got mad at my son and so they did their little destructive fit and left me an awful mess to clean up.  I was furious but what could I do, I had no proof. We had no pumpkins that year!

Since that time, I never put the pumpkins outside but let the flame within the pumpkin shine through the window, their triangle eye sand toothy mouth holes.  I bought an electric light plastic pumpkin (made in China) and that is all I do for Halloween now. I still get annoyed at the fact that 80% of our goods in our stores come with a label "made in China".

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm Prep

Rec center getting ready for the big party

I found this quote from another blog called Cafe Casey.

"Water: I do not believe in plastic bottles. I find them wasteful. I have a Brita pitcher and an old college Nalgene bottle.  But since everyone else was buying water, I did, too. Storm prep is no time for personal assessments–it’s time to race old ladies to the last whatever-you-don’t-need and claim it victoriously."

Another item people seem to load up their shopping baskets with is bread - why? Is it the staple of our lives? My first thought as I read this blog is that it was a male writer but wrong - it was a woman. I guess I am old fashioned in thinking Casey is a male name but now a days, young women in our area have names like MacKenzie, Madison, Riley, Taylor, Morgan, Kennedy, and London.  From my perspective after spending 35 years doing genealogical research, if we did not have good records these days, names like MacKenzie would be a total nightmare in deciphering if the person was a male or female.  It makes you wonder where this trend came from and why feminine names are disappearing from part of our population.

My prayers go out to those suffering loss on the east coast of the United States and those in Canada too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

One Sided News

I said prayers for those people on the east coast of the US and hope the news people are wrong but we shall see.  I am totally annoyed that the news people ignore other events in the world.  There was a 7.7 earthquake off the coast of Canada - an island I never knew existed but then again last night an earthquake was felt in Northern California and wondered if it was from the main one in Canada.  Nothing on the news so far! Grrr Grrr

There was, however, tsunami warnings for Alaska and Hawaii from Saturday night and thank heavens very little happened.

I received this cute little Halloween gift from a couple of neighbors.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gratitude Friday

I am glad the snow storms are over and the sun is out today melting the inch of snow on my grass. Ogden got about a foot of snow so I am glad I live further south.

I am grateful for my cousin who is celebrating her birthday. All of her children and grandchildren live close by - how I envy that since mine are so far away this year.  I have grown to love texting because I get little bits here and there from cousins and my daughter which helps me realize that I still have loving relatives somewhere in the world.

I usually connect with Liv Lane's blog on Friday but she is taking a break from bliss.

I am blessed to know three people whose birthdays are today. Each of these heart warming individuals have such a glorious glow about them and I am blessed to have their friendship.

My chiropractor has these tees for sale at his office:

I learned that one of my photo software programs can seam two photos together either side by side or top and bottom.  It just goes to show you that reading a few "how to's" or just playing around can release tools that were already there. Duh!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Multnomah Falls , Oregon

Is this not the most beautiful falls on the west coast of the United States.  Who ever took this photo must certainly be a professional photographer - my hats off to you who ever you are!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thinking about a Move

I've been thinking about moving my blog to Wordpress. Have you heard anything good or bad about their blogs?

I do know that they have twice the free memory for photos than blogger.  What do you all think about it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Upside Down

I just could not resist;
he was so cute just
looking at the world
upside down.

Sometimes I feel that I am
looking at the world in the
same way. It gives a
whole different perspective.

I borrowed him from Pinterest
which draws me in now and
then.  At first I was like a junky
with a computer habit that I
was compelled to go to.

I have friends who don't do
anything with Pinterest - they
do not get it. You cannot get
hooked unless you participate.
They are non-participaters.

Monday, October 22, 2012

She Tugs at my Heart

My little granddaughter tugs at my heart - after all, my daughter and grandchildren were living with me when she was born and they lived at my home for 8 months while my son-in-law was doing military training. 

I was trying to find the photo of my kids showing the Annie dress and a crayon which I made.  I had already scanned the photo and accidentally found it on my computer a couple of days after I had scoured all of the my picture albums spending way too much time trying to find one old photo.
I wonder if this had an influence on my daughter because now she actually does her hair a red auburn when she is one of those natural blondes whose hair never turns light brown. I was always steamingly jealous of my older brother because his blonde hair never turned brown. It just went from blonde to a grey blonde.

Friday, October 19, 2012


These are the Halloween sox that I sent my daughter for one of her birthday gifts. They truly are not my style at all but my daughter does like stripes and polka dots!  You need a little whimsey in your life now and again.

My daughter was born on Alaska Day which is a holiday in October but of course, only those in Alaska celebrate it.

I called my friend Becky whom I used to work with before I had to retire. We get together not often enough but it was a good visit with a promise to do lunch within the next week or two. She did have sad news that her sister passed away from cancer two weeks ago.  It touches everyone.

Today is the best day this week.  It has warmed up to 70 again and my roses still have some lingering flowers that did not freeze or dry up.

I was able to watch the last two episodes of Warehouse 13 from the SYFY channel on my computer yesterday.  Free, all free. Not so for the USA channel.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fountain in the Parking Lot

I had forgotten that I took a photo of this gorgeous fountain in the parking lot next to my dentist's office.  His office is not in the building in the background but on the opposite side.  His building curves into a half circle so that from every room you can see the rocky mountains in their grandeur. 

My family doctor sent me for a test at the hospital this week ; and as I was leaving, I noticed a white Christmas tree with pink hearts all over it.  I was ready to get my dander up but as I drew closer, I noticed that every heart had a name of a person and a date who has survived cancer so it is really a cancer tree.

I, did, however go into a store to pay $1.50; I was totally annoyed to be billed because the person I talked to on the phone told me one amount and it ended up that he was wrong thus creating a bill being sent to me as part of an overcharge.  Stores have computers so why is it that they cannot bring up the total in your account - I think they do this on purpose (a conspiracy so that they can charge late fees).  I guess you might say I was rather miffed at them altogether, especially when I did see a Christmas tree all decorated and it is not even Halloween yet!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blissful Mid October

1. I can celebrate. Yahoo! I've finished a very special order for a wedding, received payment and sent three sets in the mail to the bride. Eye popping jewelry:

2. I dance a bit here and there along with all of the stars on Dancing with the Stars. I have my list going and I vote for my favorites.  This is one of the best seasons ever but I must admit Bristol Palin just does not have the star pizzaz that the rest of the stars have. She's an incredibly beautiful girl but I can out dance her and let's face it - she is not a star but has a famous mother.

3.  My friend sent me an email just jam packed full of photos of Butchart Gardens on Victoria Island, BC. She and I visited those gardens in 2007. It brought back very special memories of our trip.

Such a variety of colors - it looks like wonder land but it is as real as the stars in our heavens.

4.  My friend from Nevada sent me this follow the sheep photo. I took a second look and a third and I know that I've been there in that very spot in Ireland - only there were no sheep on the path. The paved path meanders down to the ocean.

5.  I tried a recipe for a key lime pie which had a bit of gelatin in it so it would set up nice.  I never did care for it. I had this wonderfully bright creative idea on  to make a coconut key lime pie.  After searching the internet for a recipe - finding dozens of recipes for that pie - I settled one on that have only five eggs in it and 1 cup of coconut milk.  

I gave this delectable key lime pie a 10. Creamy with every bite, just a hint of the coconut and just a hint of lime, and home made whip cream with about a tablespoon of lime juice made this pie heavenly.
I thought I would link up with Liv Lane's Little Bliss List today but it is not there.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bliss List after the Harvest Moon

1. My roses are still blooming.  I am still getting red tomatoes from my one tomato plant. Nothing beats fresh picked tomatoes from your garden.

2. Got my passport out and I am ready to go.  I am cruising down the Pacific to the Mexican Rivera for a week.  Hope to get some sun and meet new people. That means I need to go shopping and get some new sandals, a fancy dress and knick knacks for my trip.

3. I was loopy but I didn't get a migraine during the Harvest Moon. Hip hip hooray!

4. I created some new angels for the Christmas Season.

5. Today was an awesome day at the pool. I love swimming and water aerobics three days a week. I may add an extra day to held me lose a couple more pounds.

Join in with the party at the Little Bliss List at Liv Lane's blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I actually found this photo on Facebook. I am not enamored with Facebook as my daughter is but I go take a peek every blue moon to see if she has added pictures.  I do, however, enjoy the birthdays. I must say that I have never had so many people wish me a happy birthday except on Facebook.

So this is what I borrowed from it to share for Halloween month.

Many moons ago, I was on a cruise ship going through a canal that was built during WWII by Massachusetts. We were all on deck looking at the scenery on both sides of the ship and at the tiny boats in the waterway that we were passing when all of a sudden, an old fella in a small fishing boat with an outboard motor, just dropped his pants along with his undies and mooned the whole ship. Well, I never! And yes, I have ever been mooned again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Unicorn

My granddaughter is ready to go get candy; she has a giant sweet tooth for her age - just like her older sister, her momma and her daddy. You could call them the sweet family.

Her costume even goes with her hair style!

My daughter sent me another back shot.  She seems to like them almost more than a front shot.

The babes are a growing. 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Someone is not only incredibly artistic but also spends more time on clever projects and not watching TV.

Make your pathway bright. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a pathway that looks like this? I am enamored by it.

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