Thursday, June 23, 2011

World War I

After almost 4 months of marital bliss with wife #2, CP was shipped off to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada for training in the 69th Battalion, which left for England in April of 1916.

To St. John, NB.

They shipped out on the SS Scandinavian.

A temporary army camp was setup on Bramshott Common, Hampshire, England. On Christmas Day in 1817 this feast was held with old gramps hanging all over the menu.  He apparently was well liked and goofy.

Top of the Menu

It says:

"Now good digestion wait on appetite, and health on both.

Count the Peas. The Carrots in this broth were gathered by R.S.M. P.E.G Saunders.

         APPLE SAUCE
The Turkey was caught in the first Battle of Ypres, and after a great fight was killed by R.S.M. J. McCabe.

The Sausage was made with our old mascot "Pedro."

The Apples were pinched by the pay-king (S. Sgt. PH Metcalf)

The Stuffing was knocked out of C.S.M. S------ Nuff said!! (This was in reference to gramps himself).


The Cabbages were sent by C.Q.M.S McFee's uncle (Jerusalem) and the Potatoes were discovered by Lizzie Raynsford while on his latest exploits.


The Currents in this pudding were supplied by the "goat", and the Candy Peel by the CANDY KID (C.S.M. BAIRD).

The Sugar was pinched by the Crook (Sgt. Tottey) and the Raisins were raised by his partner in crime, C.Q.M.S. Norris.

The Almonds were donate by C.S.M. Ferguson and Spice by Spicer (B.S.).

The sauce was suppled by the saucy Boy, C.S.M. Armstrong.
The Doctor is well supplied with necessaries.

The Nuts were suppled by his (Nuts) C.S.M. Suchanski.  (that was gramps, his nuts!)

Wines and Spirits

 Who's the Fiesh? 

(I have no idea what this was supposed to mean.)

Okay, so far, we have these alias names:

Piotr Pawel  (fluent in Russian and Polish)
Peter   (fluent in English) 
Paul    (did he speak French, as well?)
Chester Paul Suchanski (CEF)

Gramps was taken on strength (TOS) at Shornecliffe.  I don't exactly know what TOS means in military jargon. Gas masks were distributed not only to the service men but also to their horses.

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