Family History

I am trying to connect with cousins from the following families:

Chapter 01: Peter Suchañski & Martha Kosakowski
Chapter 02: Richard Anthony Suchanski 
Chapter 03: Oka Joyce Eames Hayward.
Chapter 04: Fredrick R. Suchanski & Janet L. Bland
Chapter 05: Ruth Suchañski 
Chapter 06: Charles Kenneth Warren & Lineage 
Chapter 07: James Kenneth (Warren) Hayward
Chapter 08: Suchañski Lineage in Kłobuck
Chapter 09: Skwarczyñski & Siwczyñski Lineage
Chapter 10: Piotr Suchañski & Joanna Skwarczyñska 
Chapter 11: Stanisław and Adam Suchañski 
Chapter 12A: Chester Piotr Pawel Suchañski 
Chapter 12B: CP Norton Suchañski 
Chapter 12C: Chester Norton & Bessie Brazil 
Chapter 13: Stella Zdanowicz Suchanski
Chapter 14: Walter Zdanowicz & Agnes Konieczny 
Chapter 15: Victoria Josephine Zdanowicz 
Chapter 16: James Zdanowicz  & Martha Piktel 
Chapter 17: Casimir Zdanowicz & Helen Wasniewski 
Chapter 18: Violet Zdanowicz & Stanley Borawski 
Chapter 19: Anthony Zdanowicz & Lillian Wilson 
Chapter 20: Wincynty Zdanowicz & Rozalia Staranowicz 
Chapter 21: Staranowicz & Zagorski Lineage 
Chapter 22: Zdanowicz Lineage 
Chapter 23: Darla Jean Kelly 
Chapter 24: Grant and Darla Perrins Family 

Chapter 25 Suchanski Family in Oregon 

These are the Chapter titles in my family history book of which I am having printed in a hard back book this month.

Seventeen of these chapter are direct descendants of Vincent Zdanowicz and Rose Staranowicz who came to America in 1890. They settled in Chicago and then moved to North Chicago, Illinois. I have done extensive genealogical research on my family tree and most of that information is contained in my book along with family photos.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a book and belong to our family.  Ruth Kelly. You can contact me through this blog or by email

Rose and Vincent Zdanowicz with my grandmother Stella and her brother Walter.

Grandma was the first generation born in the United States while her parents came from Sztabin, Poland.

 My grandmother in 1905 - communion.

Stella as a bridesmaid - have no idea who the fellow is.

Stella, my father Richard and great grandma Rose Staranowicz Zdanowicz.


Anne said...

Hi Ruth, I like the new look blog and your photos are fascinating as ever.You are so lucky to have them. I have taken lots of photos of Carlton/lofthouse and will post them on a blog soon.I didnt find the addresses of your relatives, they probably dont exist now I will have to try and get hold of some old maps to find where they would have been.Love,Anne

Aleksander Godlewski said...

I am from Poland and I was born in Janowek. I have been searching for the information about my former neighbours, residents, friends and relatives from Janowek.I am particularly keen on getting some information about Rozalia Zagorska ( date and place of birth, first and last names of parents,family members)I would also like to know if she had ever been to the USA.
I would really appreciate it if you could help me and thank you in advance
best wishes

Aleksander Godlewski from Jaziewo in Poland
e- mail address:

Shopgirl said...

Hello, I am from California, but I have been here since the 80's. So this is home. I love the pictures of family you have posted. I am also researching does take a lot of time. I am a crafter, I am working on a quilted bag right now for a friend. I love to make tags and cards...I just do what comes, I like to try new things.
Thank you for coming by my blog, I will be back...hugs, Mary in Nampa, Idaho

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Ruth, always fun to happen upon someone into genealogy. I first started working on mine when I was a teenager. Fascinating stuff. I feel fortunate to be quite purely English--not because of any sort of nationalism, simply because that means ALL records on all my lines are in English, no translator needed! I'm so excited about the 1940 census being released.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Hi Ruth,
We share the same passion of genealogy. I read under you title that you found your grandfather!! Hopefully still alive? So many had their name changed when they came over at the turn of the century. How wonderfully amazing to open a new door to your family history!!
Suzan of TreeHugger

Dave Zagorski said...

Hi, Ruth-

You mentioned that your 3rd great-grandmother was Rozalia Zagorski from Janowek. I'm part of the Janowek Zagorskis as well, and in our tree, we have a Rozalia Janowek, born Oct 1812 in Janowek to Stanislaw Zagorski and Jadwiga Andraka. If you think that might be *your* Rozalia, let me know.

If so, I have a big family tree to "introduce" you to!

Dave Zagorski or

Dave Zagorski said...

Correction to my comment above! I meant to type, "Rozalia Zagorski, born Oct 1812....."

Sorry about that!

Dave Zagorski

Neva Fels said...

I'm also a grandmother that blogs and has a shop on Etsy (HandMadeByNeva) I'm so glad to have found your blog through the boomer traveler link.
I did a genealogy search before it became popular and one elderly relative said "why do you want to know this information? They're dead aren't they?" Looking forward to future sharing and links with you.

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