Sunday, June 26, 2011

Records from Poland

While living in Alaska, I found a Warsaw, Poland phonebook at the Anchorage Public Library.  I wrote to all seven Suchanski's on a Polish form letter that I obtained from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I wrote to seven Suchanski's and heard back from all of them with none of them saying that they were related. One lady was a widow and didn't know if her husband was related but she did one of the kindest acts for me.  She wrote to two areas of Poland for me with an end result of an address of a living cousin in Sztabin and the real birth record of grandpaps.  His birth date was off by two years and I did not pay a penny for the certificate.

I sent for the marriage record of my great grandparents. This time I did not send a check but waited to hear from Poland. I heard nothing for over a month and then one day, I received a letter from the Chicago Consulate. Poland had sent the marriage record to Chicago and they forwarded it to me.  It didn't cost a dime.  Did I mention how fortunate that I am.  If you will seek and look, you will eventually find that ancestor!

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