Monday, September 16, 2013

Memories of Sedona, Arizona

Driving for hours through at least three torrential rain storms, I was getting driver weary and just wanted to get to Sedona. I finally found the right road from Flagstaff to Sedona Canyon. I would have been just as well off by taking the freeway toward Phoenix but how was I to know that two roads from the freeway both go into Sedona. The road on the southern end is much faster but not nearly as scenic.

I took the highway which drops down into a winding narrow canyon. Being one of the most spectacular trails that I have ever seen, not only was there not enough places to pull over to take photos, but I was literally also too tired to stop.

I wish I had stopped to take photos but since I didn't, it gives me a wonderful excuse to go again.

These are the last photos that I took while in Sedona.

After my helicopter ride that evening, a rain storm blew in but didn't stay long.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Buggy Days

Retro vehicle in Sedona
Transportation during 1895 - can't you just see a couple of horses hitched up to this old buggy which is in remarkable condition. I think it may have gotten a new paint job.

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Friday's Fences
Weekend Reflections
Random 5 Friday

Reflections on top the car of the cliffs.

Friday's fences - the last of the summer rose and reflections.

Random Five Friday
1. It has rained for the last three days - very unusual for our arid country.

2. A genealogy fever has taken over of late - four cousins have contacted me this last month - all from different lines of my tree. There are my Edwards line from Wales, my Nicholas line still in Maine and my Zagorski and Staranowicz lines from Janowek, and Sztabin, Poland.

3. I found more photos for my last family history book on my father's side (Polish cousins). I said that this book was finished at least four times but since then, I added at least 30 new photos and more text. I had to buy a bigger flash drive to hold my book.

4. Our Daughters' of the Utah Pioneers camp started the new season this month.  I was part of a skit which turned out to be pretty funny and fun about Mr. Penrose's cabin being moved about four times before it found a final resting place in Farmington, Utah and became one of the many DUP Museums.

5. Babysitting my grandchildren tonight - hope it all goes well. Four can keep you hopping. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon

Bridal Veil Falls cascades down 607 feet from the top to the floor of the canyon.

 Some parts of our mountains are starting to orange and red even before fall starts.

The Provo River below the falls has trout fishing year round and is very accessible because the highway between Provo and Heber, Utah is kept open year round.

Years ago there was a souvenir shop and a tram which took you to a ridge on the right side of the falls where a restaurant with octagonal windows rested.

The owners had had this shop since before 1960 and in one day, it was all wiped out from a rock slide. There are a few remnants of wood remaining but they never opened it again.

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