Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inside the "UP" House

During the Parade of Homes, they added the balloons to the UP house.  The builders went all out to get special permission from Disney to re-create this house.  They did add a garage which was not in the movie.
I remember taking baths at grandma's house. She had a claw foot bath tub but it did not have the higher back rest - it was all one level on the top.  My brother and I used to take baths together and because I had very fine blondish hair, my grandmother would rinse my hair with vinegar and sometimes, she used lemon juice.
I remember seeing homes that had bathtubs, basins and toilets in brilliant shiny colors that matched.  The ones that gave me a gag reflex were the pink ones. They painted the walls pink and the shower curtains were pink.  They were totally pinked out. Yuck!
 I had a good friend in Alaska who had a truck like this one only his was a bright orange.  You could see him coming for miles.  It was a rather run ride.
These chairs were made especially for the UP house.  They had a round table by her roundish chair and a square table by his square chair.
All too pink for that little princess. My daughter had enough pink when she was little - now, she can't stand pink.
How about a cowboy room? A bit of Toy Story decor.

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