Saturday, February 28, 2015

Time for Some New Stones

I fell in love with this stone the moment I saw it last year at the Tucson Gem Show. It is called Clinochlore (Seraphinite) and is mined in Russian.

A deep sapphire agate with fresh water pearl and Swarovski crystals all wired in silver.

 This gorgeous Labradorite stone 31x59 mm speaks for itself. The colors are mesmerizing and just what the doctor ordered to brighten up a color winter.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ye Old Edwards Fence

The tall fellow in the middle is my great grandfather Thomas Edwards who at 12 years old crossed the ocean from Wales in 1854 with his parents and siblings and then crossed the plains from Nebraska to Utah. He did not remain in Utah but chose to live in a small community called Almo, Idaho.  I am not sure but I think the two fellows with him who love clowning around are the Jones brothers from Almo.

His mother is buried in Ogden, Utah and his father who lived to celebrate his 100th birthday plus 4 months died in Liberty, Idaho where his daughter lived and he was buried there in 1893.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Garway, Herefordshire, England

The Knights Templar had been given land in Llangarewi (Garway) by King Henry II in 1180. These warrior monks immediately rebuilt the Saxo-Celtic Church in the usual circular nave and square chancel style, imitating the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The chancel survives but the circular nave has only been revealed through excavation. The once detached fortress-like tower was later built as a place of safety during Welsh border raids. The Knights had their Commandery on the site of the present Church Farm and the income from this Manor helped pay for many Crusading campaigns in the Holy Land. The place was so important that it even gained a visit from the Order's Grand master, James de Molay, in 1294.

Footings from the templar era

The areas of Much Dewchurch, Orcop, Garway, and other villages throughout the Golden Valley (Michaelchurch, St. Margarets, Peterchurch and Dorstone) were all part of Wales before the border was changed during the Norman Conquest.  

My third great grandmother is buried here. Nancy Ann Castree was raised in Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, England and then married Samuel Eames from Orcop.

 The ceiling inside Garway Church

 Inside Garway Church

One of the cottages that was built by Samuel Eames, my 3g grandfather. He was a stonemason and built many homes in Orcop, Garway and Michealchurch.

 These little villages are next to the Black Hills of Wales. 

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Elba, Idaho

           My mom in her riding gear back in the 30s before the white picket fence was built. The Elba School yard and building was across the street.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

North County Equestrian Park

There is not much light on cloudy days here but just a bit of blue sky to the east over the mountains. The building on the left on the hill is part of the equestrian park; below is a playground for the kids.

This was taken in American Fork, Utah. Out little towns here in Utah blend together so that you never know when you have left one town and are in another one.

Part of the equestrian park and so many fences you can't tell where one takes off and another starts. Looking west.

Still in the equestrian park looking southwest.'

While everyone else is still having winter, we seem to be going into spring with 60 degree weather.  We are in a drought here and need more snow in our mountains.

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Reflections of our town - mountains and blue sky.  The old and the new:

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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1. Sweet tooth

Chocolate anything - the darker the better.

2. Number

Seven candles and two horses.

3. Keepsake

My tablecloth from my cruise to Mexico. I wasn't even looking for a tablecloth but fell in love with it.

 4. I made this

One of the first wired pendants that I made and sold.

5. Saturday Morning

If I have any clothes on the bed, Abby makes herself comfortable and including my clothes.

Church Reflections

 Chapel of the Holy Cross was built upon one of the colorful red rocks (about 250 feet high) in 1956 in Sedona, Arizona. It was made to blend into and no distract the beautiful scenery.

Reflections of the red rock are shown on the front windows near the entrance while the middle windows on the inside show a cloudy sky.

Inside Holy Cross.

Cloud shadows across Sedona valley

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