Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bright Bright Sunshiny Day

Today is a bright bright sun shiny day just like the song that has those lyrics in them and can I remember the name of the song? No!  I should know it; it's up there in that mindless computer of mine that we call a brain.  

I will blame it on the shots I got today; two of them no less right in the middle, no just to the left of my big toe for a neuroma.  Actually two neuromas, one in each foot but the one on the right foot is killing me.  I am now limping around like an old lady.

Took a photo of the foot art at my doctors:

This is what the weather is today in our town - beach weather and in fact, I did my deep water aerobics in fresh clean clear blue water at the outdoor pool at 9 AM.

This is how I feel now - numbed to the bone.

 I created these beauties yesterday. Anyone for blue? Our sky is this color today. See my Etsy shop:


Cheerful Thrifty Door said...

JImmy Cliff sang Bright Sunshiny Day

Ruth Kelly said...

Thanks, I would never have remembered the singer but I did get the title without knowing.

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