Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A very clever chair found on Pininterest.  
However, I do not think that an old
suitcase would holdup if you sat
in it and leaned back unless
the person who built it put in 
extra back supports.

What do you think?

New bracelet and earring set
with gold dust and glitz can
be found on my Etsy Shop 

Stop by and take a look, 
I add  newly made jewelry


Paulette said...

Great new design on the earrings and bracelet.❤

Jo said...

I could sometimes do with a portable chair when my daughter's dragging me round shops looking for clothes. I like the earrings and bracelet, nice to have a matching set.

Marilyn said...

I really don't think I would want to "plop" down in that suitcase chair!! BUT.... wouldn't it make a cute conversation piece??
Lovely jewelry!

Anne said...

Not so keen on the suitcase chair but I really love the jewellery.

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