Monday, January 23, 2012

Tin Type Photo

This is Thomas D. Meguire, son of Samuel Meguire and Charlotte Babb who lived in East Caln, Chester, Pennsylvania. It is a large tin type being 8x11. Their story was all confused so that it took me some time to straighten it all out.

The mix up began with his grandparents Jacob Babb and Juliann Ash. The person who did the original research had recorded Isaac Babb married Juliann Ash Babb Laurence.  I could find nothing on Isaac but eventually found that Charlotte wrote that her parents were Juliann Ash and Jacob Babb.  Charlotte was born in 1803. (There were two Babb families in the area; one from Germany and the other was English - so far I have not found Jacob's parents. We call this one of our dead end lines if you know what I mean.)

Jacob died at age 20 just about a year after he married Juliann if he married her. She married George Laurence as Juliann Ash in 1818 so it is questionable if she married Jacob. George and Juliann had Rachael in 1818 and Samuel in 1819. In 1821 her second husband George died.  Husband number 3 was Thomas Meguire the grandfather of Thomas D. Meguire.  Lets keep it in the family so that it can confuse everyone.

Thomas Meguire was widowed in 1826. He married Juliann in 1827. So now we are back to Samuel Meguire son of Thomas who married Charlotte daughter of Juliann.  It continues to get complicated. Charlotte's half brother Samuel Lawrence married Juliann Ash, Charlotte's first cousin.

Samuel Meguire died in 1826 leaving Charlotte a widow.  William Meguire the brother of Samuel was then obligated to marry his brother's widow Charlotte in 1828 to help raise his nephew Thomas D. Meguire. William and Charlotte had Catharine in 1833 and Juley Ann in 1836.

William and Charlotte joined the Mormons and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois. Thomas D. Meguire went with them and decided that he wanted to return to Pennsylvania. He moved in with his Uncle Noah Meguire.  Thomas married Hannah Quigg and his Uncle Noah married Eliza Quigg. Both families later moved to Sterling, Illinois.

To tell you the truth, I am so glad that they left Pennsylvania - there were clearly too many people with the same names.


Paulette said...

It is amazing to me how you can find all of this information, you are a pro.

Jenny at Red House said...

Whoa! glad you can get your head round all this! it reflects a very hard way of life doesn't it? jennyx

Liz said...

Does sound a bit confusing - great picture though.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Jo said...

Very confusing. I'm amazed at the number of photos you have of your ancestors.

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