Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Migraine Headache Device

I developed these daily ungodly awful migraine headaches five years ago and apparently, since it has been that years now, I will never be free from them.  It was like a circuit in my brain just went bad.

I had a large bean bag that I used to use for my lower back which I could keep in the freezer so it was a giant ice pack or I could heat it in the microwave for a warm pack.  I now use that giant bag on top of my head when it is throbbing unmercifully. Now, I am not out to get sympathy from my readers but I wanted to show another form of migraine devices which I found on the net. Because as a person who now has migraines, we are always looking for solutions.

The only problem with her device is that I don't think you can lay down with it on.  I used to keep my bean bag in the freezer because the cold seemed to help but what I found is that the pressure helps just as much so now I just keep it on my bed board.

The following advertisements are rather eye catching. The lady looks like she is in heaven but where are her clothes.  Does this mean that to use this device, you need to be in your birthday suit?

Dozens of little short white yippee dogs on your head - come on now!

All these little jackhammer workers just pounding your head but walla, take this med and be rid of them. The guy standing in the box looks to me like he's holding a tray of beer.  My eyes must be off.

Not sure what these little guy are - tiny devils?


Anne said...

Mmmm Ruth, I think I will stick to my regular pizotifen thank you! I am so glad I didnt get them more than about once a month.Now I havent had one for over 6 months with the medication.Thank goodness.Poor you getting them so regularly.

blackenpot said...

Hi Ruth, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a message.

I feel so sorry for people who suffer fra migraine, hope you have managed your migraine and know how to get some relief.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I used to have migranes so bad & now that I have gone thru menopause I no longer even have a headache except for occasional dry sinuses.
When I did it felt like a little man was behind my eyeball thumping it!!

Jo said...

That first photo looks like some kind of medieval torture instrument. I'm lucky, I've never suffered from migranes, but my mum used to so I know how bad they can be and I have total sympathy.

Claudia said...

I agree - the wooden device reminds me of the 'rack' - a torture device. These are very funny. I know migraines aren't funny, though. My sister suffers from them, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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