Friday, January 20, 2012

Second Sight

I cannot weave a tapestry,
Whose vibrant colors gleam.
But I can thread a needle.
And sew a little seam.
I have no silver notes to turn
into a lovely song.
But I can sit and listen
To the Tune and hum along.
by Grace E. Easley

This poem came from a 
tiny minature book entitled
 "The Gift of Life".  It belonged
 to my grandmother. Her 
generation read and created poems.
 I don't see or hear poetry anymore.

Where have they disappeared to
It was important
to their generation but
Did it disappear onto the web? Perhaps
the problem lies with me.


Nelly said...

Hello Ruth was lovely that you dropped into my little blog.You have a new follower now xx

Anne said...

Hi Ruth, this post is so lovely.X

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks for your comment on my little poem, Ruth! Interesting post you have here this morning. UNfortunately, I can think of a limerick for almost any subject - and also other poems. They just pop into my head. That's not always a good thing, for they're hardly ever serious. :-)

Actually, I need to do some reading of REAL poetry this winter, the kind that makes one ponder. Thanks for this post.

Jo said...

What a lovely little poem. I had a book entitled Best Loved Poems bought for me last Christmas. It has lots of well known poems in it, as well as some lesser known ones.

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