Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rio Carmelo in Carmel by the Sea

Known as Carmel Mission, it stands today as a monument to a missionary Jumipero Serra who was born at Petra, Isla del Mallorca (Spain) in 1713. Bringing Christianity to the west, he founded this mission plus other missions in Mexico. He with the help of Indians built this mission in 1771. Besides the mission in San Diego, I would say this is the oldest mission in the west. It wasn't until 1834 that the United States took control of this area of Mexico when it became California.

Visitors were everywhere and every parking spot taken; we were lucky to find on car just leaving.

The flowers were outstanding even at this time of year.  Can you imagine what they are in the summertime? Originally constructed of wood, the mission is now adobe and cement.
 Baby Jesus in the chapel.
Stunning display of flowers.



Cranberry Morning said...

What beautiful photos, Ruth! Especially that second one. It looks like it should be in a coffee table book! What an interesting place, and so full of history.

Jo said...

It's so interesting to visit places like this and learn the history. You're right about the flowers, they're so pretty.

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