Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ocean Creatures

Man is determined to be part of the ocean, thus the scuba divers, the paddle surfers, and the boaters.  These are the last of my pictures of California.

 Looking eastward from Monterey.

 Two otters basking in the sunshine.

Two paddle board surfers - a new thing I hear but what am I to know.  I live inland and not next to the ocean.

There were nine scuba divers - I only got a photo of three of them.  They were practicing a rescue of another diver.

I actually took scuba lessons with my daughter when she was in college.  I was the only old person in the college class besides the instructor - the rest were college youngsters. They wanted to certify at some lake out by Wendover, Nevada in March with at least a foot of snow on the ground.  I said nix, I need more lessons and I want to certify in warm water.  There is a hot pot eastward on the other side of the mountain from where I live which is 90 degrees F year round and you can see in it because it has lights - that's where I would go for certification. It got put off, of course.

Seagull waiting for free food and getting some of that sun.  It was a lovely cloudless day and warm.


Paulette said...

The sky is a beautiful blue, and the water sure looks inviting. The seagull is one of my least favorite birds. At our marina people will go to Lake Michigan and feed the ducks, the seagulls will swarm all around people and snatch the food from the duck. Dislike seagulls but love the blue of the sky and the ocean.♥

Anne said...

It looks really beautiful Ruth, we would love to visit west coast usa and in particular that area some day.

Jo said...

What a lovely photo of the otters, they're such cute little creatures, though I think they can be rather vicious.

Kathy said...

Hello there Ruth, thanks for stopping by over on my blog. You live in a wonderful part of the world! A trip to California is on our retirement wish list!

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