Monday, January 2, 2012

Carmel During Daylight

Gigantic waves were breaking as they hit shore on Friday afternoon - the fog did not slither in until evening. No surfers here - it's dangerous on this side with rip tides.

As I was surfing the net looking for a photo of Samuel Eames, I found a reply to an old web question regarding Samuel Eames - from an Eames who was surfing that day.  I had not read it or maybe I did because it was about eight years ago and just who can remember if you read a reply that did not connect but I don't remember him saying that he was surfing.

The big houses in the background are where the rich and famous live - next to Clint Eastwood and Betty White.  I didn't recognize the other very wealthy people on the list.

 Dogs were everywhere on leashes on the beach, down paths while one guy was using his dog's behind as a pillow as they both lay on the ground watching the waves break.

I wore my winter coat this day and needed it but the weather changes very quickly.  By 2 PM it was warm and no jackets were needed let alone my winter coat.

There seemed to be realtors on every block.
Deer pulling a mini - I love mini coopers. In fact I almost bought one this last year but everyone I talked to talked me out of it. They are really are one of the funnest cars to drive next to a Corvette.
Did I mention how I love Corvettes?


Jo said...

I can see why the rich and famous would choose to make their homes in Carmel, it looks really beautiful.

Dee said...

That is awesome that you found news about your grandfather after searching for so long. You know, I absolutely love the pictures on your blog. It's funny but my husband wanted to buy a mini cooper, too and I also talked him out of it... LoL. It looks like it would be uncomfortable for someone my height, which is 5'10''.

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