Friday, January 6, 2012

Presidio of Montery

 At the top of the hill lies the training schools.

Among the residents are the army and navy deer who live there year round. This was taken quickly from a moving car so it is not the best photo of the year. Deer are so comfortable here that vehicles, people or other moving objects do not frighten them. In another area on base, there were two more deer lying down have a siesta enjoying their day as if they were stretched out on lawn chairs.

In five days I head for home.  Isn't it funny that we are so anxious to go on a trip and nearing the end of the vacation, we are anxious to get home and back to our menial routines.


Jo said...

I love going away on holiday but I'm always pleased to get home again. Enjoy the last days of your holiday.

Anne said...

Hi Ruth, I agree with you, you look forward to going away but as the holiday nears its end you start looking forward to getting back home to normal life.

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