Saturday, July 23, 2011

Throwaway Society

I had a neuroma removed from my foot two days ago and such changes are a wonder to behold.   I had this same procedure done 30 years ago in the doctor's office.  He used laughing gas (as I remember, it was quite pleasant) and I went home just fine.

Rules of the day - it has to be done in the hospital now which means it is 100 times more expensive.  I got all the latest gadgets: paper gown lined in plastic with hookup holes.  One hole was for a blower that fills the gown with warm air so that you keep warm and don't freeze while lying for hours waiting for your turn. The blower had a temp gage so I controlled how warm I needed it.  No more cotton gowns that tie in funny places and no more warm blankets that are thin as sheets.  No more laundry for the hospital!

The gown also had other little holes so leads could be hooked up to monitor my heart - just in case, ya know!

Did I get a delux soft boot to go home in; not on your life.  It's blue with tons of velcro and not soft like the white boot above.

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