Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jewel Tone Blocks

The group of women taking the quilting class voted on the color combinations of jewel tones.  They were bright enough to knock your socks right off their dainty little toes.

I actually made it to every class but one and sewed all of the blocks.  At first I thought, I will put my block in a pattern on top of a comforter and appliqué them to the fabric.  I wanted a purple or lavender comforter that matched one of the block colors but it was impossible to find.

After several years of looking, I decided to look for material.  Next, I found two colors that were a lavender cotton and a deep purple velvet. I sewed them together.

The next project was to find a backing.  I bought a print material of white and blue flowers - it didn't really match.  I bought a satin type gold material - it didn't match. I did take samples with me to help match but frankly, that didn't work for me.

While shopping for minky material to make a couple of baby blankets, I found the perfect backing material for my quilt.

I still have to fix a few imperfections in my quilt and add toppings and sides. Because the backing is too thick, I will have to tie my quilt which is fine with me but it still sits in my closet.

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