Friday, July 29, 2011

Krasnybor Church

Sztabin's Church

At the time that my great grandparents were married, they traveled from Sztabin to the next closest town Krasnybor and were married there.

Krasnybor Church Cemetery Monument

Originally the Zdanowicz family lived in Cisow - a tiny farming village which is north of Sztabin. According to the map the next village to the north is Ewy, then Kamien, then Cisow.   Maciej (Matthew) Zdanowicz was born Kamien. Rozalia Zagorska was born in Janowek. Katarzyna Chilicki was born in Kamien.
Can you see why I want to visit Poland?  I want to see the places where my ancestors lived and perhaps, make contact with cousins who still live there.

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