Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Moon - the crazies are out

Everyone feels the pull of the moon whether they acknowledge it or not. For some it is that restless feeling and wondering "why can't I sleep"? For others, it could be that monthly migraine that comes the day before or the day after the full moon.

Then there are those clever fellows who take photos of the moon in the grass.  What else are they doing in the grass?

My favorite is a song by Elvis - Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shining.

I was gazing at some of my crafty earrings and without taking a detailed count, it appears that blue, teal and aqua dominate. I just learned to make a Herringbone weave over Lapis Lazuli which really looks more like a dark purple than a blue. I added a grey fresh water pearl. By themselves, they really look like marbles.

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