Sunday, July 24, 2011

Old West Ghost Town

My daughter is fascinated with the program that two plumbers by day have become Ghost Hunters at night. They use special electronic equipment to pickup noises and special night lighting that makes them look a little on the ghost side themselves.  

They were visiting one of the oldest Ghost Towns in Nevada called "Virginia City" named after a fellow who had killed someone in Virginia and had fled to Nevada.  In 1859 the mother lode was found and it became an instance mining town.  After the gold and silver were removed, it became ghost town #1.

These Ghost Hunters were in the attic of the old Washoe Club.

They found a white pipe with steam or something coming out of the top of it so they both leaned over and took a whiff.  Suddenly, they both pulled back and about gagged - apparently, it was the pipe from the bathroom and they had just whiffed someone doing their business.  The one plumber was spitting and spitting trying to get the taste and smell out of his sinuses.
Well, if you want to see some old ghost town buildings and wander around there, you will have to pay.  It is now a very lucrative business of selling the past. It's all for the tourists just like Tombstone, Arizona.

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