Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Discovery on Missouri Trip

On the longest journey ever while returning from Missouri (I can't even imagine how the pioneers walked it) we discovered a new breakfast item that makes our mouths water just thinking about them. One restaurant had something that looked like a hush puppy but it was really a deep fat fried ball of pancake dough with chocolate chips in the middle.

My all time favorite is blueberry pancakes with luscious fresh blueberries cooked throughout the pancake.  My daughter cooks up an entire batch and then freezes the remaining pancakes so that on mornings when she doesn't have time to cook, she uses the frozen pancakes.

We've made up our own recipe by using a plain frozen pancake and after heating it in the toaster oven, we added chocolate chips with the point downward.  It is almost as good as the blueberry pancake! The toaster oven adds a crunch to the outside of the pancake which is just delightful.

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