Monday, July 4, 2011

More Tragedy

CP's funeral being a hushed affair is an indication that he was not a religious man by the time he died and therefore, did not want the trappings of a fancy send off nor did his wife because she made the arrangements. After having CP cremated, wife no. 4 burned all of his papers. It was very cruel to leave her a widow at age 47 with three children at home but he had become a sad tormented man who cared for no one but himself.

Cousin  Al and I collected obituaries which told more of the story. A sad ending to son no. 4. Paul Chester William Norton was indeed part of CP's family.  He was his last son who lived in Tofino.

It is such a beautiful place to have a horrible ending the the life of Paul.

As one Canadian said, "when we celebrate Canada Day, we just get drunk but when you Americans celebrate your independence day, you blow things up!"  How true, how true - we love fireworks but we also have picnics, parades and celebrate in many ways.  Happy 4th of July!

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