Monday, May 16, 2011

Grandma's Apron

Both of my grandmothers wore aprons over their housedresses.  The apron was to keep their dresses clean.  It was handy to wipe hands on, brush a tear away, dust when unexpected company came, used to bring in vegetables from the garden, or used to bring in wood chips.  The apron always had large pockets to hold a hankie, a thimble, or needle.

The housedress went bye bye with the gas station who had an attendant that washed our windows, checked the oil and checked the tires to make sure that they were not too low; I remember my grandmother in her first leisure suit.  She didn't want to be behind in the times but she never gave up her apron. 

Both my great Aunt Vic and Grandma Stella wore aprons over their house dresses.

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