Wednesday, May 18, 2011

B is for Baby and Babe

There is nothing in all of the world that brings out tenderness, love, awe and knowing that you are holding the most precious gift that God ever sent to you. This tiny baby boy is a miracle of life. So soft to the touch, so dependent on your care, and so vulnerable.

It was the next morning after Troy was born; I was getting ready to nurse him when the nurse came in and said "there's a problem, he's having trouble breathing and you won't be able to nurse him."  I was engorged with milk.  Does anyone know how painful that is when you can't nurse and you are ready?  I survived it painfully but the next day, God took my son away from me. He was buried in a tiny coffin in the cold dark ground five days after his normal birth. 

Babe is my cat; he fell in my window well 16 years ago and I adopted him since his mother took off and left him.  He has been my companion and I fear, it will not be too many more years and he will go. He is already limping and moving slower and slower; it is sad to see him not be able to jump like he used to but I am also old but I will outlive him.

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