Monday, May 23, 2011

G: Goforth and Enjoy the Sunshine

Goforth and be of good cheer.  Someday we will have sunshine again. I love the blue blue sky here.  All these storms are creating havoc and instead of melting the snow in the mountains, we are getting more snow. The skiers are jumping for joy that the ski season is being extended. I used to ski - spring skiing was the very best time to ski.
Looking West from the Rockies
Floods are coming because we have not had enough snow melt on the mountain peeks - they are predicting 80 degrees next week.

 Good grief!  I am philosophizing and I really don't think that I am good at it.  I really want to learn to be more descriptive in my writing instead of the boring and mundane. Perhaps, I should write about green frogs - since I live in the desert the frogs here are more like a tan bumpy skinned variety, not green.

Goldstone: Has always been one of my favorite stones even though it is man-made.  It always sparkles and has a glow about it that just mesmerizes me.
They also make blue stone which is a deep rich purple with stars shining within.
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