Friday, May 20, 2011

D: Darla

Unusual "d" but there it is. It looks more like a zero with a head.

Do any of you remember the original "Little Rascals"?  Well, Darla was one of the main characters and she made a great impression on me so much so that I named my daughter Darla.  Only Darla in the Little Rascals had very dark hair and my daughter had golden blonde hair up until a few years ago when she decided that dark hair would be more attractive so now her hair is a dark brown - almost black.

My hair when I was a kid was white white - and my mom said it was like cotton candy and I looked like I was bald headed until I was two years old.
That's me standing on the right side of my brother Freddie whom I called Shreddie because I couldn't pronounce F.  We both were towheads - about as white as you can get. Where did towhead come from - in the process of making linen from flax, there is one portion  of flax that looked a lot like children with very white hair so thus towheads (goes back to the 14th century - who would guess?).

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