Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twin Sisters in the City of Rocks

One twin is twice as old as the other twin.  Go figure! They are both and in fact, the majority of the rocks in the City of Rocks are made of Granite.

One of the first rocks encountered as you enter the City of Rocks from the west side is Treasure Rock.  I don't have a picture of it but I know all about it.  Back in the stagecoach days, there was a robbery and a lot of gold was taken.  The robbers headed into the City of Rocks and hid the gold. They were caught but the gold was never found so some of the locals decided that they would find that gold.  They had heard that this particular rock was the sight where the gold was hid.  They dynamited the rock and only one quarter of it just kind of fell off blocking any digging in that area.  The gold was never found, as far as we know.
I never made it to the top of bath rock but I did climb the south side of the enormous granite rock at least three quarters of the way up; then I came to a portion of the rock where it was very difficult to climb up - I chickened out. Everyone who lives in Elba and Almo and probably some in Burley, Idaho have climbed bath rock.  Why is it called bath rock, because there is a hollowed out section on the top that fills with water.  It kinda looks like a very large bathtub. Even my mother climbed it when she was a youngster.

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