Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A to Z - I'' take the challenge!

Apple is the first word that I think of for A. The apple of my life - twas wonderful for awhile - then something horrid happened.  Fear started creeping in and torment that I loved a person who at one time was wonderful and then the next hour or day, he was mean spirited and tore off my new blouse leaving me confused and hurt. It went on for years until I was so fearful for my life that I left.

The big apple - is an amazing place where people act somewhat rude but are not really.  They are brusk but have really big hearts.  Is this place, like the apple of my life - exhilarating and exciting but also has dark places where crime happens?

A juicy big apple makes my mouth water. I love apples. They are best just the way they are but some people think that they need to be cooked and cut and add a bit of sugar and spice - that's okay but they are still best without doing anything to them but eat them raw with juice running down your chin.

The last apple has a bite out of it and has turned out to be the very best computer that I have ever owned.  

I don't have any earrings that look like an apple but they would be cute. I do have some new ones with the color of azure and gold.

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