Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flooding Year - Not Since 1983

Our rivers are almost to flooding stage and what are we having, April showers in May. The weather forecasters are all saying that we haven't had this much snow in the mountains and wet weather since 1983 and 1984 when there was substantial flooding in Salt Lake City. State Street and 1300 South were both turned into rivers for the spring runoff. There was a neighbor who lived on 1700 South and woke up to a whopping sink hole in their front yard and in fact, they no longer had a front yard!

All of the rivers and runoff water eventually flow into Utah Lake and the Salt Lake.  In the early 1900s my grandparents took a train to Saltair on the shores of the Salt Lake where there was an enormous ballroom, a roller coaster which took you out over the lake and many other type of carnival rides.  Eventually, the salt and weather made took its toll on all of the structures and it fell into shambles so very few pieces of wood are left. The Salt Lake is so densely full of salt that it is more salty than the ocean. 

A new gigantic building called Saltair was built in another area from the original Saltair; this one was close to the highway that runs to Nevada. The owner thought that he could bring back the grandeur of the old Saltair with concerts, dances and events. He even shipped in sand to make a nice beach.  They had a few water rides and were expanding until 1983 hit.

His investment down the toilet or it drowned in the Salty Water. So sad; I even went to a dance there once. Can't control the weather; it controls us. 

The road to Nevada going West is so straight and boring that a guy built a cement tree just to brake up the monotony.   Notice in the photo below how flat it is.  This is part of the salt flats just west of here where they test cars going over 300 miles per hour.

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