Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tower of London

Where does Beefeater come from? Does that mean that they eat a lot of beef? Of is it misspelled and should be bee feathers? I have no idea. Their costumes were very interesting plus that all too fun British accent. How do you say it, bee featers or beef eaters?

There might even be ghosts there - many people were beheaded there. This was a second very enjoyable tour - I highly recommend the Tower of London and Windsor Castle.

Hoppa bus - totally fun and the best way to see London - fun, fun, fun!

American food is everywhere. McDonalds and Pizza Hut two that I can think of. We had pizza there not because I wanted to but because my missionary daughter had not had pizza in two years. While there, I noticed that we probably stood out like a pimple on your nose because we were the only ones not eating pizza with a fork!  The very best meal we had in London was at a Thai Restaurant - yum, yum, yummy! The waitress asked if I wanted still water which stumped me.  Apparently, they have fizzy water or still.

The best place to stay was a nice hotel near Heathrow Airport - we boarded a bus to the airport for free, bought an all day pass for the tube and were in London in no time at all. Do as the Londoner's do, carry your own water.

I have never in my entire life time ever seen such steep frightening stairs or escalators as those going to the tube in London.  Every time we went up or down, my mind went back to all those horror movies about unexploded bombs from WWII or monsters in the tunnels.  

My daughter talked to a guy in a souvenir shop about how to get to another part of London; he explained and from that point onward, she knew her way around all of London.  I tagged along completely mystified. All those tunnels were like a maze.
Marble Arch

The Tube

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