Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gatwick Airport

We skipped going to London this day and caught a bus to Gatwick Airport, then took a taxi to the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's London Temple. We attended one temple session and Darla saw Brother Hayes (he was on a mission in Ireland and had been released and was already a newly wed). Everywhere we attended church in Ireland and England, Darla saw people there that she knew. Small world in the UK. The celestial room in the temple was absolutely magnificent - all decorated in yellows, golds and blue with a white misty clouds in the blue ceiling. Both temples in the England are quite small compared to the ones in Utah. 

London Temple

London Temple Grounds

More photos of London the next day:
Wellington Arch

After getting back to Gatwick and taking another bus to Heathrow, we took a train. It was one of those posh trains with cushy seats and even a television.  I'd never seen such a fancy train before.

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