Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Last Day in London

London topped off our trip making it the best trip ever. I was able to visit all the towns and villages where my ancestors had lived before they came to America, the hard way - on sailing ships which took up to 3 months.  Oh, seasickness forever!

Ship at Liverpool


Our last day was a Sunday so we tried to find the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the phonebook with no luck so we called information.  The young woman barely spoke English (India accent I think) and gave us an address for the Church of Jesus (not the same church). Darla called her friend in Hemel Hemstead and they told us where to find the church in Hyde Park.  Off to the hoppa bus to the tube and onward to a building that to us did not look anything like a church.  It was in a skyrise building. It is a very interesting experience to attend church in another country.  There were people there from all parts of the world including South Africa, Canada, Scotland and the majority of the visiting members were from Utah, of course. The chapel was filled to capacity with many extra chairs added to the side. Darla saw two members from Ireland that she knew. A young man from Oslo, Norway talked about being a member, being inactive and then reactivating himself (his personal journey). 

After services we walked back to Knightsbridge in the rain and stopped for lunch at that wonderful Thai Restaurant. I ate all sorts of new dishes and loved them all (mustard chicken, jasmine rice and mango brulee). Darla had veggie won tons, a spring roll, jasmine rice and pandan cake.

We were going to go on the London Eye (a gigantic faris wheel which had enclosed seats.  The line was hours long so after standing there for 15 minutes, we visited the London Aquarium. Very enjoyable!

Hats off to my ancestors who came from the UK and settled in America.  Samuel Eames below:

Born in Bristol, raised in Orcop and died in Plain City, Utah in 1868.

Henry Beecroft and Isabella Fraser

Henry Beecroft was born in Kingston Upon Hull and so was his wife Isabella Fraser. They sailed to New Orleans, went up the Mississippi River to St. Louis and crossed the plains with oxen pulling their wagon to Bountiful, Utah. He became angry about something and left Utah traveling to Council Bluffs, Iowa where he celebrated his 100th birthday on February 18, 1915. They joined the RLDS church (reoganized LDS) a broken off branch that resides in Independence, Missouri.

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