Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swimmer Turban

Off to swim lessons!

I have this 30-year old soft as a bunny cotton shirt.  Once it was a pale blue shirt with delicate deep blue and white flowers sprinkled here and there and one-inch squares of navy blue with tulips inside scattered among the multi shades of blue flowers.  I must say that it has the ugliest buttons that were ever made. Half of the buttons have brown design that spikes toward the middle of the button like small volcanos before they erupt while the other side is opaque.

My daughter is mystified as to why I still keep this old worn-out shirt but it is so soft and cuddly that I use it to sleep in when the weather is too warm in the house but cool enough that I want sleeves to keep my arms warm. The heavier materials that have long sleeves for PJs are too warm so I hang onto this bedraggled ancient shirt.  Basically, I am the only one who ever sees it so I can darn well wear what I want to when I sleep! Just think, it has its own vents!

Photos of my latest Swarovski flower earrings are below:

This flower earring has a dark red cut-rose bead in the center and a clear Swarovski bead on the end of the flower which is the end that hangs.

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