Saturday, April 30, 2011

Purple Turtle

Blue Lemon, Purple Turtle, Green Pig Pub and Eatery, Purple Pig Pizza - does that make you want to eat there?  Perhaps, a curious visit but the names are easy to remember because of the color.  What do you think?

We had our little party yesterday to celebrate the Prince of Wales and his new bride Catherine.  Visited the proper stick your nose up in the air London Market and now right next door is a quaint dainty little English Tea Cafe.  They are the only two British eating places in all of Salt Lake City.  There are plenty of Italian delis, Greek take-out and hundreds of Mexican eateries.  The rest are all American with the exception of a couple of Japanese and a lot more oh so so Chinese Restaurants but we have no German or Polish or Russian.  There is one exception if it is still open, to the north in a small community called Farmington is a fancy schmancy German restaurant. I think that there is probably a Farmington in every state of the US - is that as bad as No Name, Colorado? 

I'm wrong, I just googled and found three German eateries in SLC. There is another unusual name of a place in Park City that is Loco Lizard. You need to know that if it is in Park City, it is beyond High End.

 A colorful Mini Cooper

 The Post

English Flag

I took my camera but forgot the battery so this was from my daughter's Ipod - not the best quality photos.

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