Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rocky Mountain Sire Service

That sign was on the freeway road in Wyoming. We didn't stop to investigate - well, you need a horse you see!  I was driving in the morning and after we left Colorado, we decided to return through Wyoming because it was a 30% chance of snow whereas it was 60% chance of snow going through the Vail ski area in Colorado.  It was fine the first couple of hours and then we passed the Continental Divide and topped at over 7,000 feet.  I think we were a little high and of course, it started to snow and then it turned to a blizzard.  This was a white knuckle blizzard but the good thing about this 30% chance of snow is that it was not sticking to the road and after 30 minutes, it started to let up or we just got to the other end of the storm.  

Apparently, there are such devastating storms on this road that they have those railroad crossing arms that are painted red and white which close the road when it is really really bad. The night before we started on this freeway, it had been closed and there were some very horrific accidents with several semi-trucks (could be more but this is what we saw).

After driving through Wyoming for 5 hours, we came to this view which is more like it.  Sunshine, blue sky and fluffy clouds!

Later that day, we were back in Utah.

I took this photo for my cousin who lives in Wisconsin.

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Paulette said...

Thanks for the picture, beautiful rock formation. It reminds me of the roads around Wisconsin Dells.

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