Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Chance - Ghost town

Last Chance Motel

It's probably windy here too!
After a night in Denver, we headed east.  We just missed Last Chance but I don't think we missed much.  It used to be the last place to get gas, provisions or spend the night before going into windy flat Kansas.

I swear that if a large bomb went off in the middle of Kansas that 200, 000 prairie dogs would die but no humans would be affected.

Poor Last Change, when the interstate went through, they lost most of their business and then they had the misfortune of being hit with a tornado in 1993.

Dairy King

Are there still Dairy King's?  I know that the whole State of Kansas has Dairy Queens at every stop and by way. Utah used to have a couple of Dairy Queens and they died off. The Queens won!  In our state McDonalds and Wendy's battle onward toe to toe.

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