Monday, March 7, 2011


Peter Church Door

There was a toll bridge connecting Wales to England and to our astonishment, they collect the money in Wales. It just flippin rained the whole time that we were in Wales.  What can I say? Rain, no pictures.  Stopped at Port Talbot (a section of this town is called Aberavon (pronounced Aba avon with a soft a).  My 3rd great grandmother was Elizabeth Lewis who was from this town. We stopped at a pub to have lunch but the cook was off that day and they did not serve lunch. A young man from Canada, the bartender, told us where to find Aberavon and how to say it.  We ate lunch at a hotel next to the beach. It stopped pouring just long enough to snap one photo. Wales was stunningly beautiful even though it was still just pouring rain.

Peter Church in Herefordshire

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